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Dust Filtration & LEV

The RomaJet Dust Collector Range is designed using the proven reverse jet principle of continuous bag cleaning with uninterrupted gas flow. Romar Filtration can supply tubular or pad type dust collectors, with filter elements of felted cloth or the latest design of cartridge, whichever is best suited to the process application.

The Range of RomaJet Collectors

MVC Mini Vent Units
This new  Romar innovation combines reverse jet cleaning with a small cylindrical cartridge which can also be fan assisted. Ideal for venting rotary valves, conveyors or small bins. Stops dust nuisance at source.

SVU Silo Vent Unit
These units can either be top mounted or supplied as an insertable. Filter media can be either cartridge or traditional pad type. All units can be fan assisted.

SC/SP Side Removal
These are square free-standing units with either pad or cartridge filter media and come complete with fan.

 ST/RT Tubular Filters
Tubular filters are available in two housing styles, square or round.
Square housings maximise available floor area and are particularly useful where space is at a premium.
Round housings are generally supplied for High Pressure or Vacuum applications.

Both styles are available with Dirty side or Clean side bag removal.

HEC High Efficiency Cyclones
Pre-collectors for Product recovery.
Single or multiple systems.
Easy clean units are also available.


All RomaJet Collectors have the following standard features:

1) Wide Bag Spacing
     Bag to Bag - Bag to Housing, thus:

  • Lowering interstitial velocities
  • Lessening dust re-entrainment
  • Reducing possibility of bridging between bags

2) Pulse Valves
     located above the compressed air
     header manifold, thus:

  • Condensed moisture is not introduced into the blow tubes and bags, often a cause of blinding

3) Hoppers
     with true 60? valley angle resulting
     in larger hopper volume, thus:

  • Decreasing fluidisation of collected dust
  • Minimising risk of bridging and material hold up

4) Large Inlet
     sized to reduce the inlet gas
     velocity below 10m/s, thus:

  • Promoting greater drop out of the dust particles
  • Reducing abrasion to external surfaces of the bags

RomaJet Collectors


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